Nanny FAQs

Do I need any childcare certificates to become a Nanny?

No, you don’t need any specific certifications or degrees to become a Nanny. Extra qualifications can make you more appealing to a prospective family, however they are not mandatory. If you are thinking about becoming a pro

Do I need a police check?

Whilst a police check isn’t required it is highly recommended as most parents will not commence to the interview stage without having a police check. To increase your chances of winning a Nanny job, it is recommended that you complete a poli

Do I need a working with children check?

Again, it is not necessary to have a working with children check (WWCC), however parents will see this as an advantage if you do.

If you're living in Queensland, the ACT, or South Australia, there are other forms of working with children checks

Does My Super Nanny take commission?

No, we don’t. As we are a facilitating service only, all monetary transactions and negotiations are solely between you and the family.

How much should I charge for an hourly rate?

Your hourly rate is totally up to your discretion, however we can make a few recommendations. To decipher an hourly rate, you should take into consideration your experience and the duties you’re willing to perform.

The more background che

What if a family offers me the job as their Nanny but I do not wish to accept the it?

In some cases, this situation may arise. You may suit the family's needs perfectly, yet post interview you may feel that you might not be right for that family or the family may not be right for you. You, of course, have the right to decline a job offe

What if my circumstances change and I can no longer work as a Super Nanny?

We understand that circumstances change constantly. If you are signed with us but are no longer available to work as a Nanny, then simply deactivate your profile. You will find a deactivation link under the membership details on your account page. We&r

Is there a minimum age to sign up as a Nanny?

Yes, you have to have turned 18 to sign up as a Nanny on our site. Why? Although there is no legal age to babysit in Australia, we know it is a huge responsibility to look after someone's children. We understand there are some 13-going-on-30 kids out t

Do I need a ID Verification check?

Trulioo ID Verification is an online system that verifies your details and gives you a big green tick next to your name.  This big green tick is a message to parents - it says “Pick me, I am who I say I am.” It only costs $9.95 and whi

How do I delete my account?

We will miss you.

To deactivate your profile, go to your accountOn the right hand side you will see your membersh

How do I update my notification settings?

Don't want to receive SMS notifications? You can update your communication preferences in your account under the profile quick link.

Does it cost to join My Super Nanny?

To sign up, create your profile and apply for jobs, there is a tiny $2.60 fee. This lets us know that you're serious about getting a job and that you're not going to sign up and forget to respond to parent messages. Eeek. 

But to

What is a Registered Carer?

As a Nanny, you can register as a Carer with The Department of Human Services. Parents who hire you are then entitled to claim Child Care Benefit but not the Child Care Rebate. See our Resources page for more infor

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