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You can’t just whack on some lycra and a cape and call yourself super. Well, you can but we’re not sure many parents would respond well to that. At My Super Nanny there are a few essential skills we believe all our nannies must have. 



Do what you say you will do.

These parents are depending on you to do a job. A very important job. Reliability means being true to your word. Whether it’s being available on the days you agreed or performing the tasks you agreed to perform; the basics of simply doing what you said you’ll do are vital.


Watches are cool.

This is a simple one. So simple, that we’re constantly surprised by people that are always late. To us that’s just being rude. Whether you are arriving to start your shift or collecting children from school; we suggest you arrive 5 minutes early.

In some cases, being late can not be avoided. Maybe an elephant escapes from the zoo and charges at your tram or an unkind neighbour borrowed your car tyres. When a situation like this arises, you should call the parent and work out a plan of attack.


Love what you do.

It takes a special person to become a nanny. A patient, kind person with the mental strength to watch the same cartoon over and over and over again. But when you love what you do and you genuinely care for the children you are looking after it’s easy. Seeing this genuine care also puts the parents mind at ease. So go ahead, wear your heart on your sleeve .


Answer your phone.

Your mobile should always be nearby. No, not for snapping/tweeting/gramming, but so the parents can contact you. Parents need to be able to contact you (the nanny) and their kids at any time, for both peace of mind and in case of an emergency.  Within the website, if you do not respond to a parent's attempt at contact, your profile will be deactivated. It won't be deleted; however you will need to log back in to reactivate. 


Isn’t yucky.                                     

At My Super Nanny, we genuinely believe that instilling positive eating and lifestyle habits at a young age helps to ensure children maintain that mindset for life. That means playing soccer in the park, not on the play station, and ditching artificial treats like lollies and chips with sweet treats made by hand with natural ingredients. If you need some suggestions visit out Lunchbox Legends page. 



A nanny may spend up to 40 hours a week with the kids they care for. Many of the rules and boundaries set by parents have to be reinforced by their nanny. Even though a Super Nanny should be able to take initiative and speak up about issues that may affect the wellbeing of the kids, they must also remember and respect the fact that the parents have the final say.

Remember to:


Use your words.

Open communication is the most basic need of any relationship. This is particularly important between parent and nanny, and kid and nanny. You need to be able to let the parents know how their kid is going. From the highs, like when they finally put their shoes on the right feet, to the lows, like when they asked the nice, not-so-old lady at the supermarket why her face had lines all over it. You need to be open and honest.

Likewise, you should welcome both positive and negative feedback from parents. A face to face conversation is always best. But if that’s not possible a phone call, email, hand written note or text will suffice.

Think Quick

Expect the unexpected.

A nanny really becomes super when they are able to expect the unexpected. Kids are unpredictable- one minute they’ll be quietly sitting next to you, two seconds later they’ll be running down the street, naked, waving a pirate flag.

In an emergency, a Super Nanny will be able to safely provide a resolution to the problem and not panic. Quick thinking is needed in both positive and negative situations.

Use Your Initiative

Don’t wait to be asked.

Anyone who has kids will know, there is always ‘stuff’ that needs to be done. A Super Nanny will take initiative and do that ‘stuff’. Whether it’s folding that pile of dry washing, tidying away a kids toys or grabbing more toilet paper; the little things add up.


Your mess, their mess, all the mess.

Kids make mess. It’s an unavoidable truth. No matter how well you supervise, paint, food, dirt and unexplainable sticky substances will end up on the kids - and probably on you, too.  You do some finger painting, you bake some outrageously yummy muffins, you make a new house for glitter Barbie. Mess, tasty mess, glittery mess. Clean it up.  Never, ever, ever leave the house messy, unclean or untidy.

Profile information

Your Unique Super Nanny Profile.

Your Super Nanny profile is your first opportunity to let the parents know who you are and what you’re all about. Make sure you add as much detail as possible and let that awesome personality of yours shine through.

Are my profile details safe?

Yes. Parents are able to search through all of your profile – except for your contact details. A parent can only access your contact details once they are a fully registered member of My Super Nanny.

Your “Bio” field.

This is your opportunity to let loose on who you really are. Be as expressive as you like. Perhaps you have just returned from overseas or you’re studying? Maybe you can kick a ball like Harry or dance like Jagger. Include any previous experience within childcare, including the length of employment and the age of kids cared for. Don’t provide personal contact information in this section for privacy issues - your contact details should be entered in the fields where specified.

Profile Picture.

Parents tend to gravitate to nanny profiles that have a photo. A happy snap or school/university/tafe photo is completely fine. Just make sure your pic says “I’m trustworthy and fun” not “I love to party”.

Punctuation is important

It is vital that you complete a spelling and grammar check. Avoid using slang and acronyms like totes, OMG, BRB and LOL.

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