Our process is as simple as putting sprinkles on your ice-cream.

Fill out a form.

It's FREE, quick and easy. We just need some basic information about you so we can match you with the right family. PS - we're not an agency and don't take commission... we just help you get a job. Winning.

Promote yourself.

Are you a maverick with a glitter gun? Put it in your profile. Every detail helps us to ensure we can find you the right family. Plus - this is what parents read, so tell them why you're the best Nanny, like - ever.

Or find a job.

Parents also post job advertisements that you can apply for. Making it easy for you to snag your dream Nanny job, today - not tomorrow.

Kick back, relax.

Sit back, have some smashed avo and wait for our match-making algorithm to pair you with the right family.

Get booked.

Parents contact you via our secure messaging system to book you for a job. After that initial contact, we leave it to you and the family to arrange details such as pay, hours, and tasks. Aka; be your own boss.

One more step: activate your profile.

  • We have a monthly membership fee for all Nannies. It’ll break your bank by half a coffee per month ($5).
  • Why? So that we know you’re active and ready to receive jobs/fatten your wallet.
  • Parents love active Nannies that are responsive.
  • But they get the irrits when Nannies are not.
  • Active Nannies = happy parents = more jobs = happy Nannies (true story).

Benefits & features of 'Active Profile':

- You will receive an SMS when a parent contacts you for a job, so you don’t miss a beat.

- Once a paid ‘Active Nanny’, you can set your profile to “LIVE” if you’re available right then and there - aka; Uber for Nannies. Here, parents use this feature to contact a Nanny instantly so they can find urgent/last minute Nanny. If you’re not available to respond instantly to parents at any given time, you can deselect ‘Live’ and your profile will appear as per usual again; ‘Active’.

- You will be making a donation to our chosen charities each month. Priceless.


  • We direct debit the $5 from your nominated account each month.
  • You can cancel your membership at any time.
  • Going away? You can deactivate your membership at anytime and your monthly payments will be stopped. Your profile will remain saved within our website for future reference for if you wish to reactivate your profile.
  • If you wish, you can permanently delete your profile.
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