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Danielle Esler

Meet Danielle Esler...

Super Mum to three, Danielle saw the need for a space where women who are both mothers and doctors, like herself, could find support and a community that recognises the sacrifices doctor mums make. As a result, Medical Mothers Group was born.

The Super Mum trait clearly runs in the family - Danielle's own mum made a career for herself as a psychiatrist, and raised foru children.

Although a full night's sleep is a rarity with three kids, she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

You’re Mum to?

Nathaniel 9, Zachariah 6 and Celeste 3.


Is motherhood what you envisioned it to be?

Not at all.  I truly didn’t envision how all encompassing it would be.  I mistakenly believed once maternity leave was over, my career would go back to normal.  I never dreamed that 9 years in a full night's sleep is still a rarity.  I also didn’t envision how much I would love the three human beings I am privileged to call my kids.


You founded Medical Mothers Group for women who are juggling being both mothers and doctors like yourself – tell us a little bit about your website…

Australia has a strong community of doctor mums - women that behind the scenes support each other, understand the challenges that come with balancing a career in medicine and parenting.  Unfortunately that support is not universal in the field of medicine - I was not so long ago told by my boss that it was not suitable for a mother to hold the health management position I held at the time.  I created the website hoping to bring something to doctor mums.   It links them with brands that recognise their sacrifices - for their families and the community by bringing discounts exclusive to them.  It also acts as a hub for articles written with them in mind.  


What’s your best piece of advice for keeping your work/life balance in check?

For me it has been working part-time.  I work three days a week for a wonderfully supportive organisation.  I then have two days off to spend with my pre-schooler.  She calls them “Mummy days” and they are the best.  


You can invite any five guests to a dinner party – who do you invite?

I know the answer to this question is supposed to be someone famous.  The reality is though that I just went to a dinner party with five of my oldest friends from medical school and it was awesome.  I can’t imagine any nicer dinner party that one with old friends - ones that knew me before I became a mum.


Who/what inspires you?

My own mum was ahead of her time - she trained as a doctor when it was still traditionally a career for males, and forged a successful career as a psychiatrist (focusing on maternal mental health) with four children.  She’s now balancing career as a psychiatrist being a grandmother to six.


Never again would you…

Work for someone/an organisation that does not provide a flexible workplace for parents.


If you could travel anywhere in the world for 24 hours, where would you go?

My baby brother lives in Hollywood - I’d love to jump on a plane and spend a quality 24 hours hanging with him.


It’s 5 o’clock (somewhere)...what’s your drink of choice?

Mojito for sure.


You have four free hours...what do you do?

I have 9 years of interrupted sleep to catch up on - at least one of those hours I’d use for a nap.  The other three - probably a bush walk where I didn’t have to carry anyone or bribe them to keep going.


Your perfume is?



What’s your motto?

I don’t have to be perfect I just have to be good enough.


In three words, describe yourself as a mum.

A little disorganised.

With love,

My Super Nanny.

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