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If you need the motivatinon for meal planning, budgeting and decluttering then look no further than Suze @money_meals_me. She'll make sure you stick to your shopping list and within budget. She shares with us today her Banana Blitz Pancakes, a perfect meal to cook up with those extra ripe bananas. 


You are mum to?

4 children – son 22, son 21 - married, daughter 17, son 12

Briefly describe your day on a plate…

I am out the door by 6am, where I let my learner driver daughter drive us to her early class. While she’s in class I either read, go for a walk or scroll IG. She drives us to her school and then I drive myself to work or home, depending on the day. On a home day I do all of the home management in the mornings - laundry, meal planning & prep, tidy the house & grocery shop. Since we have such early mornings having things ready the day before is essential.

I prioritize a little me time in the afternoon – posting to IG, reading, watching a tv show, or walking on the beach.

Late afternoons finds me making dinner and helping the younger kids with homework. I also get the kids on board helping out with chores loading dishwasher, folding clothes etc.

By 7pm I’m in relax mode until I go “tuck” the children into bed ie – get off your tech! Hubby and I hang out in front of the tv or talk and then I’m snuggled into bed at 10pm.


Favourite budget and kid friendly meal you can whip up in a flash?

A favourite is spaghetti bolognaise – it’s a great dish to smuggle in as many vegetables & legumes as you like. I grate in carrot and zucchini and add in lentils regularly. I grate or cut them fairly small and it ‘disappears’ into the sauce. Adding in the vegetables helps reduce the meat portion and cuts the cost of the meat too.

I am also a big fan of grazing plates of small amounts but good variety such as veggie sticks – carrot, celery, cucmuber, capsicum, a dollop of hummus, diced cheese, fruit – grapes, strawberries, diced apple, banana & orange, a protein like egg or diced meat like chicken, roast of ham, leftovers, yoghurt and a fresh baked mini muffin. When they have choices its often surprising what they’ll chose to eat and it’s a good no pressure way to introduce new foods or to attempt another go at unliked foods.

What are your go to snacks for your children?

Air popped popcorn, yoghurt, veggie sticks and the occasional brownie are popular at the moment.

Tell us your secrets to saving money, meal planning and decluttering?

Saving money – We spent time to set up a good, comprehensive budget and we review it quarterly or if something like a payrise occurs. We focus on savings first, I save all our silver coins and any bonus money is saved immediately. I also review all the amounts we pay on bills and expenses to see if I can cut back or if a section needs more. My youngest son has just had a massive growth and hunger spurt so I’m looking at increasing our grocery budget.

Having both of us – hubby and I on the same page is crucial to our success.

Meal planning – Know what you already have in your house. You’ve spent good money on this food so don’t waste it!

A pantry and freezer inventories helps me keep track of the food I’ve already paid for. Each time I’m in the supermarket I’m looking for reduced to clear and meat sales and my mealplan is planned on meat I already have in our freezer. When I begin my weekly meal plan I shop at home first. Only items that are needed to complete a meal are added to the shopping list. And after you’ve made the shopping list stick to it.

Decluttering – Each school holidays we go through the children’s clothing & bedrooms and have a clean out. Younger kids clothing is grown out of so fast. I also keep a donation box ongoing for anything I come across that no longer has a purpose in our home. My husband has just decided to cull his collected Lego collection and we’ll be selling them.

money saving

What motto do you live by?

‘Progress not perfection’ and ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ speak to me.

 What is your guilty pleasure?

$1 frozen cokes are a weakness! I allow myself 1 per week.

 Never again will I…

Get into consumer debt. Cash all the way $


1 banana

2 eggs

½ quick oats

Sprinkle of cinnamon – optional

Oil – for cooking

Add all the ingredients into a blender and blitz for 30 seconds, heat a little oil in a frying panover a medium heat. Add 1/3 of mixture into pan to make each pancake. Cook for approx. 2 minutes then flip and cook remaining side for 1 minute. Repeat for 3 large pancakes or reduce for small size. Enjoy!

(Mixture can also be made by mashing the banana then adding in the other ingredients and mixing well by hand)


With love,

My Super Nanny.


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