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Introducing Reid...son of the legendary Real Dads of Melbourne Jarrad and Michael.

He'd love to know how many "tooths" the tooth fairy has, and whether she'd give him a little extra dosh if he handed over a "better" tooth.

Reid sees his dad as his heroes, but points out that since they don't have capes, he would happily make one for the both of them with a towel...😂


Who is your Hero? 

My Dads are heroes, but not super heroes as they don't have capes, but I could make one out of a towel. (even surprised us he said this)

If you could chat to the Tooth Fairy, What would you say?

How much 'tooths' do you have?, Are you a boy or a girl? and would you give more money for better 'Tooths'

What is Love?

Love is a kind of thing that people be kind to one another and makes them feel happy in their heart in their chest.

Do you think every person should be treated the same?

No, because 'Different families have different Rules' (not sure he understood this question as we do as Adults) 

If you had $50 to spend, what would you buy?

I'd buy some lego, a DVD and candle for my Dads. ( No concept that 50 bucks wouldn't get him beyond the lego...LOL)

With love,

My Super Nanny.

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