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Amy Gerard

Meet this week's Super Mum, Amy Gerard.

She's mama to Charli Rae, her little ray of sunshine... apart from when she throws a catastrophic Mariah Carey tantrum! The best piece of advice she can give is, always trust your gut. Every child is different and there isn't one manual for all. And if all else fails... drink wine... or eat magnums (when pregnant)! 

You’re Mum to?

Charli Rae Gerard


If you could bottle up one thing about your daughter, what would it be?

Her hugs and kisses. Cliché I know, but she really does give the best hugs! And her giggle (best sound in the world) Thats three things, my bad!

 Amy Gerard

What has motherhood taught you most?

To be patient and understanding & take no notice of other peoples opinions. That these crazy little midgets sometimes don’t know how to express themselves and instead throw catastrophic Mariah Carey tantrums. In public places. That its OK to have a messy house & sometimes not wash my hair for a week or 2. That I can function on next to no sleep and that I’m actually a lot stronger and more resilient than I thought! THAT WINE HELPS EVERYTHING! Oh and that my own mother (who raised 3 kids under 3 with next to no help) is some sort of superwoman whom I will never take for granted again!!!!


What is the best piece of advice you have received? And what is your best piece of advice you can carry on?

The best advice I was given was that children do not come with an instruction manual. But to always remember that love comes with discipline and discipline comes with love! (And to slow down and embrace it all because they are only young for such a small time!)


My own personal advice would be to not read all the books and the internet programs that tell you how to raise a child, they aren’t all the same computer program. Don't compare with other children or other mums. They are all individuals with different needs and wants. TRUST YOU GUT. Trust your own instincts. You always know what’s best for your own child. 

And a consistent bedtime routine from 5 months onwards!!

 Amy Gerard

Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Gosling everyday


What are you hobbies?

Eating, drinking wine (when not pregnant), socialising, dancing and drinking wine again!

 Amy Gerard

Your have four free hours. What do you do?

I had 4 free hours today so I took myself out for breakfast! Sat in the sun and ate at a leisurely pace! Heaven! Then went off for a pregnancy massage (woke up in a puddle of my own dribble), came back home for a nap (repeat dribble), replied to about 16 different texts that I hadn’t yet responded to and then sat on the lounge with a magnum and caught up on my favourite Netflix shows. Relatively boring but its the simple things (like my own time and space) that get taken for granted now and so I love just being able to do nothing for a couple of hours!!!


We get that parenting doesn’t always go to plan; some recover with a cuppa, some with a vino. What’s your motto when things haven’t quite panned out?

Before becoming pregnant again, it would always be wine. Everytime. Something about a glass of red after she’s gone to bed just takes the edge off! Except I had to work on trying to just have one glass and not an entire bottle.

Now that I can’t drink wine, i’ve resorted to eating my body weight in a different form of desert at nighttime. You name it, I’ve eaten it. Magnums are my go to at the moment. A few weeks ago it was Apple Crumble and ice-cream.

 Amy Gerard

Relationships – what’s your ingredient to a happy one?

Let fights go. I used to be as stubborn as anything but my husband can drop a fight in a few minutes flat and has taught me how to also. He usually leaves the room, thinks about things and then comes back and talks to me. Which I have now started doing (who knew I had it in me!!!) It makes for a much better relationship. Its natural and healthy to argue here and there but you should always try to kiss and make up before you go to sleep at night. Also - don’t turn a fly into an elephant! Choose your battles!


Never would you… 

Cut my hair really really short. It’s so curly I would look like a lesbian commander (nothing wrong with them either). Just not my style. I also wouldn’t bungee jump or have a pet spider.

 Amy Gerard

You can invite five people (anyone) to a dinner party. Who would they be?

My Mum, My best friend Lauren, Charli (if she was of the drinking age - if not my two sisters in law) Beyonce & Amy Schumer. We’d obviously have a large girls night. NO MEN


Your best beauty tip? 

Always take your make up off before bed. Invest in a good moisturiser and fake tan for your face so you can go make up free and it doesn’t look like you are dying in Winter!

 Amy Gerard

Describe yourself as a Mum in three words… 

She’s Still Alive…

Haha, but really I'd say Loving, Fun, Stern.

With love,

My Super Nanny.

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