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Tahnee Motti

Meet Tahnee...

She's a whizz in the kitchen, and has a particular love for home cooking, which explains why her recipes look so darn good.

She would invite Beyoncé to her dinner table given the chance (who wouldn't), and is a strong believer in the motto 'Everything in moderation, especially moderation' - we agree, especially regarding chocolate. 😉


You are currently on maternity leave from being a Clinical Nutritionist. How long have you been in the industry for?

Yes! My little baby boy Remy is just over 4 months now which has flown by already. I have been in the industry for almost 2 years after spending 5 years studying a Bachelor Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine. I am now looking at a bit of a side step into Mum’s and bub’s related products and gift packs to allow me to work from home with Remy instead of client facing work.

 Tahnee Motti

Describe your day on a plate.

My day on a plate really varies as I just love eating different foods and flavours all the time but with Remy around, I do try to stick to fairly easy to grab or quick to prepare foods. We do a lot of food prep in our household, and since having Remy, we bulk cook to fill the deep freezer so it is easy to heat meals up each day without a fuss to make sure I am eating, and well. I am sure all the Mumma’s out there can relate - this can be a challenge sometimes!


Breakfast  - Usually scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, avo, sauerkraut and whatever other bits and bobs are in the fridge (feta) on GF toast. It sounds fancy but literally takes less than 5 minutes to throw in a pan and sets me up for a good day with stable blood sugars (preventing big sugar crashes and binges) as I may not be able to eat again until later in the day. If my babe is super fussy and making it all a bit impossible, I try to down a smoothie and then will have an early lunch.


Lunch - Always leftovers unless I am out. Today it was lamb stew with sweet potato mash and greens – yum!


Dinner – Today it was roast veg gnocchi in a tomatoey sauce. Again, this sounds fancy but is so quick and easy as all the roast veg is thrown in the oven and then just blitzed and made into a dough. And, it can be eaten with a spoon and one hand – winning!


As a new mum you now must know how important it is to be prepared so you fuel your body in the right way… especially for being Remy’s milk bank. What is your best tip?

Meal planning and batch cooking!! It might mean a couple of challenging days cooking and juggling the baby but for us, we then have a freezer full of meals to last a couple of weeks and it means witching hour ain’t no thang around here. If we are having a good day then we cook but if not, we heat up a meal and throw it together with a salad or some kind of veg. It has saved our sanity and means we don’t have to have those dreaded conversations about what to cook each day or getting to the shops (impossible with a new baby). Also, the pressure cooker is our best friend when it comes to time saving as we tend to do large batches of shredded or slow cooked meats using a lot of cheaper cuts (beef cheeks for example).

Tahnee Motti 

What is your favourite, nutrient rich food?

It is all about eggs for me. Eggs are such a complete food packed with protein, good fats and amazing nutrients like vitamin d which are great for your hormones and not too abundant in other foods. Especially when it comes to breast milk, I try to make sure eggs are in rotation each day, even if they are boiled for an on the go snack.


Ryan Gosling or Chris Hemsworth?

I am actually not a celebrity lovin’ gal so I had to google these people (am I super lame?). But maybe Ryan Gosling? I tend to lean towards more quirky, creative types.

 Tahnee Motti

If you could invite any 3 people to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?

Today I am feeling Aaron Paul (played Jesse in Breaking Bad) and his wife Lauren Paul (can they count as one?) because they seem super interesting with their passions in the right place. Lauren started an anti-bullying movement called the Kind Campaign and Aaron seems like a kick-arse supportive husband who is into some quirky and alternative stuff.


Chelsea Peretti - She is a hilarious comedian who would make any dinner party fun! I think we would be kindred spirits.


Beyonce - who doesn’t want to meet Queen Bey?!


What’s your motto?

One of my lecturer’s when I was studying always said ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’ which I have always loved - it makes total sense to me.

 Tahnee Motti

What is your stance on sugar and kids?

Ahhh sugar! To be honest, I think there is too much fear mongering going on in the media when it comes to sugar and whatever other buzz food is popular or unpopular each week. Yes, sugar can have a detrimental affect on health when over consumed and some people might do better eating none, but I don’t think it needs to be demonised or completely eliminated. This fear mongering can have such a poor effect on children’s developing attitudes and relationships with food, which in the long run can have an even worse impact on health than just eating the occasional sugary item in the first place. There is definitely an issue with hidden sugars in everyday off the shelf items that families are led to believe are healthy options, which is demonstrated in ‘That Sugar Film’. But when it comes to the occasional treat, I tend to have a fairly relaxed attitude that fosters children learning their own boundaries and limitations, and how they individually feel after consuming something; which ultimately leads to a positive relationship with food.


It is 5 o'clock somewhere.., what is your drink of choice?

Ooh, it sure is! I am a big lover of red wine. In fact, it is mostly all I will drink. After almost a year of being pregnant and not being able to enjoy a drop, and now the restrictions that come with breastfeeding, I make sure we have quality wine in the house and I treat myself to one amazing glass of red a couple of times a week (and savour every sip).


Apricot Delights

Tahnee Motti

This recipe is fuss free and delicious, great for the kids and adults lunch boxes with no refined sugars, nuts, gluten or dairy.


300g dried apricots

50g pitted dates

100g desiccated coconut + more for coating


Blitz all ingredients in a high powered blender/food processor and press into square cake tin. Pop it in the refrigerator to set then cut into squares and coat with extra coconut before serving. 


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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