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Nourish the Kids


 Meet Rikki Gardner...founder of Nourish the Kids.

She's a Leo DiCaprio lovin' mama to two, who has a particular knack for creating meals that kids will actually eat...she must be magic.

Her current state of mind? It's school holidays...so it's no surprise she's in survival mode #passthewine.

Rikki has kindly shared her Lunchbox Apricot Balls; your new go-to lunchbox filler. Legendary.


Nourish the Kid s


Top tip for parents who have a child who would rather stick a fork in their eye than try something new?

Don't give up! This is how it is at our house most nights! So I know how hard it can be... I've found it's best not to force or ask your child to try the food. Give them something you know they will eat, and add to it! If they don't like it this time, don't feel discouraged, try again the next night. Keep putting it on their plate, and see what happens. It doesn't happen over night, so keep persisting with it!


George Clooney or Ryan Gosling?

Can I say Leo? Haha

 Nourish the Kids

If you could invite any 3 people to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?

My fiancé Shaun, because he makes me laugh!

Adele, so hopefully she'll sing for us!

James Duigan, because I'd love to listen to him talk about anything! And maybe he could cook? Haha


Stance on sugar and kids?

Sugar is everywhere! It's so hard walking though the supermarket without some sort of argument as to why my daughter can't have a treat! I believe that too much refined sugar in our kids isn't good on their little growing bodies. I've been so mindful of this since Henry started solids, and I wish I knew what I know now when Harper was a baby! I try and stick to fruit, and baking everything at home. I think everything in moderation and you can't go wrong.

 Nourish the Kids

Contentious we know...but where’s the best place for a coffee in Melbourne?

My go-to lately has been North & Eight in Essendon, the staff are lovely there!


Sweet or savoury?

Sweet for sure! Hello dark chocolate.

 Nourish the Kids

If you could fly to anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

Queensland, to visit my Mum!


Who do you look to for inspiration?

Jessica Sepel, for her health and wellbeing advice. Dr Justin Coulston, I look to him for parenting tips!

 Nourish the Kids

It’s 5pm (somewhere)...what’s your choice of drink?

If it's cold, a nice glass of Pinot Noir!

Or if it's a warm sunny afternoon, I can't say no to an Aperole Spritz!


What’s your current state of mind?

Survival mode, school holidays, feeling good about the future and excited about learning more about nutrition!


Nourish the Kids 


Lunchbox Apricot Balls

1 cup organic dried apricots

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1/2 cup rolled oats

1 tablespoon coconut oil (melted)


Soak the apricots in hot water for at least 30 minutes to soften.

Drain the apricots and place all ingredients into a food processor or high powdered blender and process.

Roll into small balls, and if you like roll in extra coconut!

Store in a container in the fridge for up to two weeks.


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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