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Parenting confessions

Oh parenting. Some days you truly bask in the joy of raising little mini me's, and others, you clean s**t out of the bath tub.

We put together a few of our favourite funny parenting moments we came across, shared by parents...because we've all been there at one stage or another, and let's face it, those moments can be friggin' hilarious.

“I sat down to peeing with my underwear still on.”

"My daughter asked me why my boobs "dangled" down."

“I drove to daycare after work to pick up my daughter. I freaked out at the daycare teacher for “losing my child!” (and I mean completely hysterical) until the director had to calm me down and remind me that my daughter doesn't go to daycare on that day and that she was, in fact, safe and happy at home with her dad.”

“I put my wallet in the freezer and the frozen peas in my handbag.”

"My three year old yelled out "I need an ice cold beer" in a restaurant."


"My four year old puts his plate on the counter and proudly proclaimed, "Well, mama, it looks like you have more dishes to do!"

“Went to the supermarket to quickly get some bread and was rocking and patting the bottom of the bread like it was my baby.”

“I put hand soap on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste.”

"This morning my son hugged me to wish me a happy birthday...And proceeded to wipe a booger behind my ear...Which I just found right now while sitting at my desk...Over an hour later."

"The dog threw up on the carpet. My two year old ate it."

“Woke up in the middle of the night to my baby crying and started patting his bum back to sleep… Only to realise I hadn't got out of bed yet and was actually patting my husband's bum.” 

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