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Australian education system

It’s no secret we’ve got it good down under.

A great lifestyle, beautiful beaches, world class coffee and home to three of the world's most liveable cities, we are the lucky country. 

But when it comes to education, Australia is ‘plummeting down international rankings’, despite ‘record funding’ by the government.

Moreover, a staggering 1 in 4 Australian students drop out of high school before finishing year 12. And of the 75% who do complete, of those who continue to university, 20% of them drop out of their first year of university.

Something is clearly up.


Hence, the question on everybody’s lips – where are we going wrong when it comes to education in Australia?


If we look to the countries considered to have the best education systems in the world, therein may lie the answer. Case in point; Finland.


Finland is unanimously considered to have the best education system in the world. And yet, its education system is slightly unorthodox.

The idea behind the Finnish education system is ‘personalised learning’; that is, a strong focus on learning rather than teaching, and allowing children to focus on what interests them, and allowing them to be children.

Indeed, their system could almost be considered as the stark opposite of our own.


In stark contrast to our education system, Finnish children are not required to start school until they are 7 years old. Every hour, children in primary school are given a 15 minute outdoor break, as it is believed that outdoor play and fresh air are the engines  of learning.

Homework is minimal, and there is a strong belief that children learn through play.

Unlike the Australian (and American system), there are no mandated standardised tests in Finland, excluding one exam at the end of students' final year in secondary school. There is one optional sixth grade district wide exam,  but unlike NAPLAN, the results are not publicised.

The result? 93% of Finns graduate from high school, compared to our 75%.

Finland vs US Education

Comparison between Finnish and American teaching methods



So what can we learn from the Finns?

With an education system performing poorly, perhaps it's time we take the learning rather than teaching approach of education into consideration. Instead of following our big brother's approach to education, perhaps it's time we step out of their shadow and take a different, modern approach.


USA vs Finland

The reality...


This unorthodox approach has resulted in Finland topping the charts year after year as having the world's best education system, so clearly, the Finns are onto something.

Not to mention, less homework doesn't sound half bad...

Hands up if you're over LSCWC...🙌


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