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Christmas kids


Kids are fussy little things, and are hard to buy for. What was cool one minute, can be so last year the next.

Avoid the eye roll by being in the know as to what is hot and what is not this Christmas for kids.

Tried and tested by the MSN team, and our top critics, a.k.a the kids, we reckon these gifts will make for 



Let your little ones' imaginations run wild with these magnetic sticks, where they can build almost anything. Hours of fun, guaranteed. 

Kids christmas


Little Live Pets

Give the kids a puppy that won't pee on the carpet this Christmas. Winning.

 Kids christmas


Collectables are always a winner, and not to mention, make for great bribes if they want to expand their crew...

 Kids christmas

For big & little kids

Family fun for everyone...sounds like a marketing slogan, we know, but if it’s a family game night, or just simply family fun you’re after, these take the cake.


Pie face

Watch your kids' delight as your face gets slammed with whipped cream. And question how much they really love you.

Kids christmas 


Times change, but the love for scooters never will fade. Plus, you can even get yourself an adult-sized scooter, so you can start your only little family Scooter gang.

 Christmas gifts

Even Kate Hudson's on board.


Pool toys

Whether it's a flamingo, Havaiana thong or a shark, pool toys are always exciting.  And give you an excuse to visit the local pool, or the nearest beach, for a fun day in the sun. Not sure where to start? Kmart has a huge range of the best of the best.

 Kids christmas


Nothing beats Uno. Except perhaps for Frozen-themed Uno. Yes, it's a thing. 

 Kids christmas


With love,

My Super Nanny.

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