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Despite what you might think and despite what the media say, the supermum simply does not exist.


The media elevates a woman who seems to ‘have it all’. She is a mother, a business person or high powered executive, a size ten or less, fit and fabulous, with no mother guilt whatsoever.




That woman does not exist.


This week we're doing a little myth busting ourselves.  


MYTH #1: Supermums have it all

No they don’t. They have a lot on their plate, yes. And what they do is prioritise. They work out schedules and plan in advance who needs to be where and when.  They don’t chew themselves out if it doesn’t quite happen that way.



MYTH #2: Supermums do it all

Nope! Wrong again! They know how to ask for help. They know when to say no. Practice saying no to people. Explain you have a lot on your plate and you just can’t help them out at this point. If they’re friends, they’ll understand. When things slow down a little for you, offer to help another mum. Remember that mums really struggle to say the magic word ‘help’. Offer your assistance up to someone who doesn’t look like they need it. They’re usually the ones who need it the most.  



MYTH #3: Supermums want it all

Ah, no. They don’t. What they want are healthy, happy children. What they want is a little time with their partner that doesn’t involve cleaning up baby spew or changing wet sheets. What they want is a little me time to recharge and refresh themselves.



Every mum is a supermum regardless of size, working situation, health and bank balance. Every mum is trying to get through the day.  Every mum just wants the best for their children.


And that is what’s so super about mums.

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